Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Nurse Mommy here...

Note: If you don't want to read about bodily functions, then by-pass this entry.

Remember yesterday's little ditty about how I had planned to go to the park?

The Princess had a bit of a fever accompanying her nauseated stomach. She continued to get sick (about 3 more times) until about lunchtime. But she continued to have a fever. After emptying the contents of her stomach all morning, she did not want to eat the rest of the day. I couldn't blame her for feeling that way either. Her stomach hurt.

"MOMMY! My stomach still hurts!"

I couldn't make the pain go away. All I could do was hold her. I let her know that by tomorrow she'd feel a whole lot better. That she just had an icky tummy and she had to get through it. She consoled herself to it and lay on the couch the rest of the day.

You might guess that it was a TV day at our house. With me as nurse. Watching out for any signs of throwing up. Around 4:30pm, I thought I was home free. Although her stomach still hurt, the Princess hadn't thrown up since lunch time. What I didn't realize that I had to watch the Bear too. That's right. I was sitting on the couch cuddling with the Bear and I dozed off. Next thing I know is that I'm awake and the boy is tossing his biscuits. Being a Mom, I was able to "catch" most of it while holding him, getting up, and making my way to the half bath. He was confused and afraid. He'd never thrown up before. He didn't realize what was happening.


That's what he said to me when he'd finished. He didn't know the right word for it. But he figured that was it since I brought him to the toilet. Poor little one. I had to strip us both down. I was about to throw him into the tub when my Hubs came home. THANK GOODNESS!

The little guy lost it one more time before we put together a quick dinner. Both the Bear & the Princess only had a couple bites. While the Hubs cleaned up the dishes, the Bear lost it again. Thankfully, I kept a cloth diaper over my shoulder so I was able to "catch" most of it. We both still got messy though. The Hubs gave the boy an early bath in our tub, while I took a shower.

Since we weren't sure about how the night would go, we formulated the plan that the kids and I would sleep in the family room. If the two were still going to have upset tummies, then I didn't want to take a chance of any of it getting on our new carpet (especially since I don't have a deep cleaning machine). Our family room has tile flooring with an area rug, so it's a lot easier to clean. The Hubs got the mattress from the toddler bed and set it up next to the sectional. The Princess got to sleep on the chaise part of the sectional. I slept on another part of it.

Needless to say, this morning I am (once again) sleep deprived. The Princess had a difficult time getting to sleep since she took a 2 hour nap during the day. It took her at least a half hour and a bunch of cool water before she was able to get to sleep. Although he went to sleep easily, the Bear tossed all night. Every time he would move, I would wake up. 10:45pm. 11:30pm. 12:45am. Around 1:30am, he was endlessly tossing and turning. Wide awake. His pre-bed dose of Tylenol had worn off. He was burning up. More Tylenol. More cool water. He didn't get back to sleep until 2:30am. Then he woke at 5am -- groggy but unwilling to go back to sleep. The Princess slept in until 7am.

I'm happy to report that both kids ate some breakfast. The Princess has no fever. The Bear is ever so slightly warm. But we're still going to have an "at-home" day. No preschool for the Princess today. It'll be a day full of videos/DVDs again. At least I won't have to deal with anything else though!

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