Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Snippets of Monday

The Bear loves visiting stores. Stores with long aisles. When he notices we're in an empty aisle, what does he think to do? Walk/run all the way down. Running. Running. Running! He just loves to run!

Going to PetSmart is easy & free entertainment. The Bear and I browsed through the PetSmart for about 30 minutes. The only reason why we left was because we had to pick up the Princess from school. The main attractions? The red-claw crabs and the snapping turtle. We went back and forth between the two displays about 3 times.

I found the most awesome stuff at Trader Joe's. It's foccacia bread. Stuffed with onions and spinach. I warmed it up for dinner (spaghetti with Italian sausage). And it was yummy! The Hubs didn't like the 'look' of it, so I've got a bunch of leftovers. I know what I am going to eat for lunch!

I still can't believe that a balloon can save the day. You should have seen the joy one single white balloon caused in our household. The Bear was SO proud to actually hold the balloon by the ribbon -- not tied to his wrist. I told him to "Hold on tight to it if you don't want me to tie it." And hold on he did! On the ride home from preschool, the two kidlings tapped the balloon back and forth to each other causing a massive amount of giggling.

Even if you live in a high-end neighborhood, this doesn't mean you're totally safe. My daughter's preschool is in a high-end district. You should have seen the surprised expressions of people's faces when they found out the school had been on "Lockdown" for an hour today. Why? Because the Sheriff's department was searching for a suspect in the area. Thankfully, the Sheriff did post a squad car in the preschool parking lot - which is adjacent to the high school baseball fields. None of the kids were told of the situation (no reason to scare them).

As for you Moms out there? ToysRUs is having a sale of sippy cups. If you buy one two-pack, you get the 2nd package at half price. I know that the Bear's sippy cups are looking ragged, so I bought a slew of new ones. These new ones don't have a plastic valve in them to fiddle with. Plus, the new ones have got a cap so the drinking part stays clean!

I'm thinking that I'm going to drag the Hubs into ToysRUs sometime soon. The bikes aren't expensive. The Princess seriously needs a new one. She's about 43 1/2 inches tall now and is too big for her old bike. Now the old bike? The pink Princess bike? I'm thinking of spray painting it black for the Bear. It's still a good bike. All it needs is a good paint job.

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