Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Finally going to the OB...

It's been ages since I've seen an OB. You ladies know how important it is for us to see our OBs every year.

"Well-woman exams"

I don't think I've had an exam since my final check-up after I had the Bear. Yikes! That's just over 2 years ago.

[smacking the back of my hand]

Bad-bad-bad Mommy!

I know that I need to keep my health in check for my Hubs and my kids sake. I just never got around to finding an OB since we've moved down here. Last night (between 12:30am and 3am), I checked the local listings on my insurance website and found a practice of all ladies! Since I haven't got any recommendations from anyone down here, I decided to go the safe route.

It's going to be weird having an exam. It's been so long! But I want to make sure everything is healthy. PLUS I want to check out some new birth control. I'm thinking of the Patch or an IUD. I can't take the Pill anymore. Why? Because to be 99% effective, you have to take a pill at the same time every day. Uh...I've got two kids. There's NO way that'll happen. So if anyone is using one of the two BC methods above, I'd LOVE to hear from you!

I don't discriminate when it comes to OBs. Seriously! My OB in Phoenix was a guy. He was fantastic! There were 3 other men in his practice and one lady. I liked all the men much more than the lady. Go figure!

I found my OB right after I was first pregnant in 1999. Actually, I found him a day after I'd been examined by another OB -- one that I thought would be good. I did not feel comfortable with that first OB. I knew that I had find a new OB fast. There was NO way I was going through 9 months with that first guy.

Now how did I find my OB? I happened to be driving home and saw the office sign for the OB/GYN practice. I walked into the practice just to inquire if they were accepting new patients. My OB happened to walk up to the front desk as I was talking to the receptionist. I had just finished explaining to the receptionist that I was pregnant and was in search of an OB/GYN because I was not comfortable with the OB I'd initially selected.

Receptionist: "This young lady is pregnant and is looking to find an OB/GYN."

OB: "Well, I've got some time right now. Why don't you come back so we can talk."

What? He had time to talk? Right now? I fell in love with that man immediately. I switched to him and his practice with the snap of my fingers. It was the BEST decision I'd ever made. What was great was that I found out a few months later that this guy and one of the other guys at the practice were two of the "best OB/GYNs" in the city.

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