Monday, May 9, 2005

Yucky feet

When I was young, I had nice smooth skin on my feet. No lotion required.

Since becoming a working adult, my feet have needed extra help. As a parent? My feet need LOTS of help.

Who else has got bad feet?

No. They don't smell. But the skin is SO freaking dry!

Yes. I do live in the desert. But that's not the root cause. My sisters live in San Diego and they too are afflicted with dry feet.

Actually...dry heels. And it's sandal season!!!!

I have found a cure...for me.

About twice a week, I have to scrap my heels. Just putting lotion on my heels was not fixing the problem. It sounds gross. I know it does. It's one of those things with the metal piece on the one side and a smooth piece on the other. The metal piece is like a grater. I don't have to force the metal piece across my skin. I just lightly rub it across for a minute or two. Then I use the smooth side to smooth down the skin. Then I put some heavy duty lotion on my feet. I like to use Serious Skin Care's Sweet Feet. It's got glycolic acid in it (and I think that really helps). Then top it off with some thick socks. I only wear the socks for a couple hours. Then I'm good to go.

That's my cure. Now my heels are no longer ragged looking. Ah! Sandal season!

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