Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Will we be grilling tonight?

The guys are out back RIGHT NOW! Installing the grill!

Remember WEEKS ago I'd mentioned that we were getting our backyard done? By the landscaper that the builder has doing ALL the front yards? Well, this guy is a joker. He doesn't return phone calls. He's bad at following up. Horrible. Doesn't he realize that I'll be bad-mouthing him to all the rest of the neighbors who have yet to move into their homes? That's at least 70 families. SEVENTY! Talk about bad publicity!

Anyway, they came knocking on my front door this morning at 7am to let me know they'd be working in the back today. Yes. SEVEN in the morning. Knocking on my door.

They prepped the surface. Raked all the miscellaneous junk that was on the ground. Made sure the grading was adequate away from the house. Then they got all the rock into the back. Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of the stuff. Finally, it was raked into place. They took off for a while. Then they came back about half an hour ago & started on the built-in BBQ.

I called the Hubs to let him know.

Hubs: "Okay! I'll be picking up some buns and hot dogs then. Make sure to get those brats out of the freezer."

Me: "What?"

Hubs: "Well, we'll be grilling tonight!"

Me: "Uh...I won't hold my breath on that one."

Hubs: "Then we'll be prepared for when it does get done."

My Hubs is ever the optimistic one on this project. This 2-day job (this is a quote from the head guy) has turned into a 4-week job. Today marks the end of the 4th week since they started!

I'll post photos later after they've left.

Here's the grill itself:

Here's a view from our covered patio. Note the old-old saguaro cactus to the left. There's that huge space behind our house. Then the street. They'll build homes on that far side of the street. So it's a nice open area outside in the back. MUCH nicer than looking at a brick fence!

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