Thursday, June 9, 2005

Keeping secrets

This morning, the kidlings and I got out of the house. We went to Lowes to check out their flowers and small shrubs**. We then headed to Target to get a couple items. Suddenly, the Princess starts to act up.

Prin: "I'm SO hungry. I feel like my stomach is going to fall off."

Uh. Okay fine. We check out as quick as can be. We stop by Starbucks drive-through since it's the closest place. I get TWO pumpkin loafs. My kidlings LOVE the pumpkin loaf. Of course, they love pumpkin scones a wee bit more but they didn't have any left at 11am. Anyhoo, the kids gobble up the pumpkin loaf before we're 1 1/2 blocks away from the Starbucks. I'm headed to get fuel for my vehicle.

Prin: "Mom? My stomach is still kind of hungry."

Me: "That's all you're getting honey."

Prin: "But...did we eat both loafs already?"

I got out of the car and got the fuel. Subject dropped.

We talked about the second pumpkin loaf later on. After she'd had lunch.

Me: "Honey. I got that second pumpkin loaf for Daddy."

Prin: "Why?"

Me: "He gets up so early each day to go to work. I thought it would be a nice surprise for him if we set out that pumpkin loaf for him to have for breakfast in the morning. What do you think?"

Prin: "Oh yeah! It'll be a surprise!"

I don't know about your four (almost 5) year olds, but mine can't keep a secret for anything!

The Hubs came home and we sat for dinner. He mentioned that he'd be headed to the grocery store in the morning to pick up a birthday card for his grandfather. He said that while he was there he planned on picking up a donut for breakfast.

Me: "Honey, don't you have something to tell Daddy?"

Prin: [turning to the Hubs] "Daddy! We got a surprise for you!"

Hubs: "Oh really?"

Prin: "Yes Daddy. You are going to really like it."

Hubs: "Hmmm...I wonder what it could be?"

Prin: "Well, we ate the first pumpkin loaf for our snack after we went to Target. We kept the second one for YOU! You are going to really enjoy your surprise."

Hubs: "Gosh honey. I'm so happy you got a surprise for me."

Prin: "Yes. We wrapped the pumpkin loaf in some plastic. It's going to be so yummy for your breakfast!"

Hubs: "I'll look for your surprise in the morning."

Prin: "Okay Daddy!"

I sat there holding my laughter in by looking down. When I finally looked at my husband, I had tears running down my face due to the huge effort it took to NOT bust out laughing. The Princess seriously doesn't realize she told her Daddy about the pumpkin loaf. She really thinks she kept the secret! Thankfully, the Hubs played along like he didn't hear the slip up.

**I need to get some plants together to put in big planters for the backyard.

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