Friday, June 3, 2005

Random thoughts

I'll be solo for the next two days (until Saturday night). The Hubs will be out of town to take a test on Saturday. He leaves for work at 5:30am, so the kidlings and I are still in dreamland when he heads out. He won't be coming home after work tomorrow. He'll just drive up and spend the night at a hotel across the street from the testing location.


Latest Bear sayings:

Woody the doll = "Bouy"

Bath = "Baf"

Bless You = "Bess you" --> He says this every time any of us sneezes!

Plane = "Pane"

Helicopter = "He-cop-er"

Outside = "Side"

Upstairs = "Upf"

Turn on tv = "Watch"

Fall down = "Faw" --> He'll look my way when he says it. I just say "Shake it off. Get up. Go. Go!"


The Princess has become a bit sassy lately. I'm doing battle with her every day it seems. I think I've just got to spend more one-on-one time with her. Get her in more activities with kids her age. Something.


Why is it that I miss my family more intensely after I've visited them? I've spoken to both LilSis and Sis#2 twice since this weekend!


LilSis has begun the cleanup of the house. She's thrown a bunch of stuff out of the garage into the dumpster. She planned on cleaning out the downstairs closet next. She'll even be tackling the Tupperware issue, as well as the numerous pots & pans the folks have stowed. The guys took out the counters yesterday afternoon.


House Hunters last night -- "Designed to Buy" -- was simply awesome to watch. That single gentleman who was a clothing designer actually worked his business in that teeny-tiny one-bedroom apartment. I was so glad he selected the home that he did. I had a feeling he would. Granted. It was a total fixer-upper. It needed SO much work. New kitchen. New master bath. Totally new guesthouse (since it was gutted). But the bones of the house were fantastic. He kept the original mouldings. He kept those sweet built-in cabinets in the dining room. He just freshened up the rooms that weren't too bad looking. But he did great work in the rooms that needed full attention. I'm surprised he didn't put a steam shower in his master bath. He opted for a whirlpool tub. Then he put those two sets of french doors in the master bedroom that led to that HUGE backyard? What a scene to wake up to in the morning! Impressive!


My goal for today is play with the kiddos. TRY to stay off the computer the rest of the day. [crossing fingers]

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