Monday, March 26, 2007

Getting ready for the hot, hot, hot

The Princess is back to school. We survived her Spring Break. Thank goodness!

The thing is that Spring Break makes me think of the looming summer. Those 3 months of extreme heat with a daughter who is NOT in school! She was bored enough being at home with me for a week. Can you imagine how she'd be after 3 months?

Last year, I signed her up for Summer School at a private school down the street from her charter school. It's a wonderful campus. The school range from kindergarten to twelfth grade. So if parents have the disposable income then they can have their kids at the same school throughout the lower educational experience. As I stated before, it's a great campus. All the buildings are at the perimeter. At the center is a huge grass area along with a gated pool area. GRASS in Arizona! I can just imagine in my mind's eye my two kids taking a break between classtime and running on that grass during the day. I can imagine my kids going crazy in the separate ART studio buidling that had clay models and huge pieces of paper with paint, charcoal, chalk drawings posted all over the place. But we don't have the dinero to send our kids to that school. The Princess had a blast there last summer. But it was only for 4 weeks.

So guess what I did already? On Thursday, the Princess and I went to the YMCA and signed her up for Summer Day Camp. I can drop her off at 7:30am each morning and pick her up around 3:30pm every day. For 10 weeks. That's right. I signed her up for the ENTIRE summer break. Well, she is taking two weeks off when the Hubs family takes the kids off our hands. Anyway, each week there's a theme and the Princess is excited as heck! She can't WAIT for summer to roll around. I think what she's most excited about is that she'll get to 'swim' every day before I pick her up.

And what's even more anal of me is that I've already got her 2 swimsuits and a shirt guard. I've got a couple things of spray-on clear sunscreens for her. I've got a bag that she'll use to throw her gear in. AND I'm in the process of getting some more summer sneakers & flip-flops for her. What's pathetic is that I still have to get stuff for the Bear. But I did find some fabulous washable sandals at Lands' End that I'm ordering for the Bear. He gets SO grimy and dirty that I definitely do need some washable shoes. And I found em! YEAH!

But what are YOU going to do with your kidlings this summer? Are they going to stay at home with you? Are you sending them to day camp? Are you sending them to overnight camp? Have you even decided what you're going to do?

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