Saturday, March 24, 2007

Things from the Bear's mouth

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Bear has been talking up a storm. I can see his mind working as he's piecing words together in his mind. It's fascinating to watch. My daughter could easily talk for hours at this point about everything and anything. The Bear's social skills far exceed his sister's when she was four. He can easily slip into the park and smile and play around/with new people. But I must say that his verbals skills have been a bit slower to develop. I don't mind. He's a different personality and I'm not making it into an issue. But some of his words come out HIS own way. And how he chooses to expess himself makes us chuckle too.

"MOW-hopper" = Helicopter --> He knows how to say helicopter "hewicopper" but is comes out as "mow-copter" when he sees one in the sky

"MOWer-cycle" = motorcycle --> He says "mower" so clearly.

"Po-rhino-ser-car"= Police officer car --> We just heard this one today as we drove back home from the carwash. There was a policecar with its lights and siren on trying to get through an intersection to race to a call. I don't know how the "rhino" got intertwined into the word.

"Da-WISH-us" = delicious --> This is what he says when he finally relents and eats something we give him. We gave him a meatball sandwich and he said "I no wike dat." But it stayed on his plate. He ate some of his fruit and was distracted when the Hubs picked up the sandwich and put it into the Bear's mouth. The Bear bit into it and realized it was pretty good. "See? Wook at my BIG bite! Is de-wish-us!" Soon he ate 2/3 of the sandwich.

Each time the kid goes "poops" we leave him to do his business in privacy. The Bear says "I done!" in a sing-song tone when he's finished. We still have to go in and help the kid clear up his backside. He scoots forwad on the seat and leans forward. And as we're wiping, he always says "Pee-yew! Is stinky poopoo. E-yuck!" But the thing is? He won't let us turn on the fan because it's "too wow-d". And yes. When he's got a lot of business going on, he'll still ask for a "Cur-sey fwush!"

As I walked by my husband during dinner to get something out of the refrigerator, he taps my behind. The Bear "YOU no spank MY MOMMY on hew bah-um!" My little protector!

Y'all know the kid has been sleeping in the toddler bed situated at the end of our bed for months now. And guess where my little protector is now? He's sleeping in his bedroom. AHHH! It's not as good as it sounds. He's in his bedroom with his sister. It turns out we've got a small leak on our roofline that has caused water to get into the wall of my daughter's room. We noticed it last night after we had some hail (at least 10 minutes of it) yesterday afternoon. I had noticed the baseboard in her room as soggy a few weeks ago and had the development's customer service rep (CSR) know. We had the roofers scheduled to come out this coming Wednesday. But the rain/hail came 2 nights ago and ran through all yesterday. So last night when I checked the baseboard? Definitely WET. So the Hubs finally realized that I wasn't crazy and called the CSR person again. The CSR person sent out their wet clean-up specialist. That guy and his 2-man crew have torn out a 8-foot wide section of my daughter's wall (from floor to ceiling). They pulled up the carpet and I could see a moisture mark on it. They vacuumed up all the insulation and got to the wood frame. And the one board was wet. So they sprayed the entire opened up section with bleach. They've got a dehumidifier and a heater in there and the door is closed. They're coming back Monday to finish up the evaluation. And the CSR is coming out Monday morning too to determine what other 'trades' need to come in to fix the situation.

Needless to say, the Princess can't sleep in her room. So she's in her brother's room. And he wasn't happy about being told that he woudl be sleeping in his room. Even knowing that his sister would be in there! "I no wanna sweep in my woom. I sweep downstaiws." I asked him WHY he wanted to sleep downstairs and all he could say was "Because". But the Hubs put his foot down and told the kid to get into bed (it's a full and they're sleeping at opposite ends). The Bear cried for a little bit. But is now passed out cold (he didn't have a nap). I'm wondering if he'll spend the entire night up there or not.

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