Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tried it & success!

I made Magic Meatloaf and it was a hit!

My husband gave it a thumbs up. My daughter ate TWO huge pieces. Of course, my son was the only hold-out as he is suspicious of anything new. I'm sure he'll come around.

What I enjoyed most about Manda's recipe was the number of ingredients -- SEVEN in all! I only had to buy the special Teriyaki sauce and the fresh Parmesan cheese. Everything else was already in my kitchen. What's funny is that I forgot to print out the ingredients before I went to the grocery store. Thankfully I had looked at the photo that she'd posted and I purchased the item based upon the LOOK of the bottle and her description of the label. Good one Mandajuice!

As the meatloaf cooked, I enjoyed the smell that emitted from the oven. It wasn't just a ground beef smell. It had a sweet aroma to it -- probably due to the special Teriyaki sauce.

Like I said, the meatloaf was a hit. Since it received 3 out of four thumbs-up, then it'll be something that I'll be making my family again. I'll probably make it a day after we've had a bunch of rice. You can get the Magic Meatloaf recipe at Mandajuice's website.

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