Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another year on my girl

The Princess will officially be turning 8 at 9:37pm today.


Eight years ago, I started having contracts on Friday night. Contractions came between 10 to 15 minutes apart all night. Far apart, right? I was able to sleep once I got used to the pain. The contractions didn't stop. They continued throughout Saturday. The Hubs and I hung out at home watching the college games. Once the contractions got to about between 5-7 minutes apart, we headed out to the hospital in the early evening so that I could get checked. Alas, I was only dilated about 1.5 centimeters. So they sent me home. I had another uncomfortable night. We watched the pro games on Sunday.We headed out again in the late afternoon around 5pm. They checked me and guess what? I was only dilated to a little over 2 centimeters. Once the she told me the number, I knew they were going to send me home. The nurse was about the strip my membranes or whatever you call it. And miracle of miracles, the nurse accidentally ruptured my bag. Ta-da! That was the only reason I was allowed to stay. They took me to a room. Got me as comfortable as they could. They monitored me for a bit. But they soon determined that my little one was in distress. I needed a c-section. IMMEDIATELY. You should have SEEN how quickly they moved. I think I was the only gal in labor that night. I was in the operating room in no time flat. And then there was my little Princess. She was in the world. Breathing air into her lungs for the first time. A tiny little thing. Only 5 pounds 9 ounces. Crying like a champ.

And now? My girl? She's just over 4 feet tall. She's still lanky and built like the Hubs. Smart as a whip. Shy like I was when I was a kid. A good kid overall but sassy when she's tired. My girl. She's EIGHT!

Happy Birthday my Princess!

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