Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Checking backpacks

This morning I approached a Mom (Mof2) of two twin boys (C & T) in the Princess class.

Me: Hi. Good morning!
Mof2: Hi!
Me: Are the boys going to be able to make it to the party this Saturday?
Mof2: Oh...I need to check with my husband. When is it again?
Me: It's this Saturday from 9:45 to noon.
Mof2: And it's where?
Me: It's a Pump It Up on Frontage.
Mof2: Okay....

I saw this look of uncertainty in her eyes. One of her boys was hovering nearby. Her son that I gave the invitation to two weeks ago.

Me: Can you come over here buddy and turn around? I want to look in your backpack.

I open up the front pocket of his backpack. You know, the tiny front pocket that most backpacks have in addition to the large compartment? I look in there and pull out the invitation.

Me: Here it is. It has the directions to the place and the time of the party and all that.
Mof2: Okay. Yeah. When you talked to me about the party last week, I wasn't sure what you were talking about.
C: Mom. It's a secret!

Great! I gave the kid the invitation two weeks ago and he failed to give it to his Mom. Because it was a secret! Oy!

Lesson? Check your kids' backpacks thoroughly. If not every day, then at least weekly. Please.

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