Monday, September 22, 2008

Making Mommy Laugh

The Hubs and the Bear went to a college football game on Saturday.

They came home around 10pm so I didn't chat with the little guy. I just gave him a quick bath and put him to bed.

Sunday, he told me all about the game.

Me: So did you have a good time bud?
Bear:Yup! We didn't see many fireworks though.
Me: What did you eat for dinner?
Bear:I shared a cheeseburger with Dad! It was SO good.
Me: A cheeseburger? Did you have lemonade too?
Bear:No. No lemonade. Water.. And some giggles!
Me: Giggles?
Bear:Yeah. The candy?

I look at the Hubs for help.

Hubs: Skittles.
Me: Oh. Skittles, huh?
Bear:Yes. Skittles![laughing at himself]
Me: Were they yummy?
Bear: Yup! They were SO good.

Yeah. Giggles. Giggles are good.

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