Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another trip to my favorite bulls-eye

The Princess and I went on one of those specific visits to Tar-jay yesterday.

Did we stay on track on WHY we went? Yes. We actually did.

Now why did we go there? We were hunting down Halloween outfits. Yes. Halloween outfits! We actually ended up purchasing two mighty cute looking costumes from the array that were on display. Out of all the fairy and witch items in the girls' aisle? The Princess selected a leopard inspired dress with headband ears and a tail. Yes. Of all the things available to her, she is choosing to be a leopard girl.

After we spent about 20 minutes of looking at everything and talking about her options, we then focused on what the Bear would want. The boys section? Less spectacular than the girls. But that's to be expected, I guess. We settled on a cowboy outfit. One with a long faux chamois jacket with a hat, bandanna, vest, and sheriff badge.

Here are a couple samples that are similar to what the kids got.

And WHY did we get the costumes so soon? Because on Friday, I went and got a present for the neighborhood gal who had a party yesterday. I ended up purchasing a Cleopatra outfit for her. A full-length gown with wristbands, a neckband, and a crown-like thing. Our neighbor girl tried on the outfit and all the other gals at the party were ohh-ing about how nice it was. I mean, it was FULL length. Not just barely covering her behind.

The Princess was drawn to it when she was it when I was wrapping it yesterday morning. So that's why we went to Tar-jay. She wanted to see the costumes that were available. I mean, even though the Princess is on the verge of turning eight, she still adores getting dressed up. But all her current dress-up items are SO SHORT on her. What's nice to see now? Is that there is a bunch of low-cost (under $25) items that I can get her and that'll keep her occupied when she's stuck inside.

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