Saturday, September 20, 2008

Loosing a neighbor

We lost our first neighborhood family about a year ago. It wasn't a move too far away either. The Mom (a new realtor) bought a new house a few miles away. Far enough so that her daughters had to change elementary schools. She bought her new house without a contingency. Little did she realize that the market was going down and that she wouldn't sell her house near us for a year. Yes. She and her husband had two mortgages to deal with for an entire year. But these two are now in a divorce situation and THAT needs to be explained in an entirely different entry.

We're losing another neighborhood family in the next couple of months. A family that I so thoroughly enjoy. The couple's first daughter is about 5 months older than the Princess. Their second daughter is about a year younger than the Bear. They just had their son 5 months ago. Their son was born the same day as their first daughter -- 8 years apart!

Anyway, the Mom has been up for a position for about 6 months now that would have taken them across the US. Just two weeks ago, she was approached regarding a new position that would take them across the Pacific Ocean. And guess what? She was selected for the job that would take them across the deep blue sea. Yes. The evaluation and selection for this second job only took two weeks! Thankfully, the job doesn't start until January 2009 but there is a LOT to do before then. They've got to find a place to live. They've got to enroll their girls into school. They've got to find out what stuff they can bring with them. But at least they won't need to sell their home. The company is going to pay for their housing out there. They'll be able to keep their house here in our neighborhood. They plan on coming back to visit at least twice a year. And the guy's sister lives in our neighborhood so she'll be watching over the place. The job has a 2 year commitment, so the family plans on returning here.

But we are going to MISS family terribly. You see, this is the only Filipino gal that I really know here. And to have Filipino kids in the neighborhood is a rarely here. [sigh] What's the big deal about having a Filipino gal as my neighbor? It's about all the stuff that I don't need to explain to her. When she says certain stuff? I laugh becuase I know exactly where she's coming from. The hugely strict parents? Growing up with just sisters? Yeah. Both of us come from that situation. Her love of plain steamed sticky rice, which her husband doesn't eat because he's a triathalete. Her adoration of fried $pam with rice with tomatoes. The weird superstitions that Filipino parents have. All that. I'm going to miss having a kindred spirit near me.

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