Sunday, December 21, 2008

A family outing where I didn't have a blast

We went to the mall Yes. ALL together.

As y'all know. I detest shopping. I dislike visiting the mall. I avoid going to the mall with the kids. I detest going to the mall as a family this close to Christmas.

I felt it was a big MESS.

We had to park in the nosebleed section. WAY out on the edge of the parking lot. On the other side of the curb where we parked? Was a river. Yes. We were on the very edge of the parking lot mall. So we had to treak into the mall..

But WHY did we venture to the mall that I avoid? Because the Hubs wanted ME to pick out the gifts that HE would be giving me. Ummm...isn't that the reason why I cc'd him on the list I gave to his sister (who is my Santa this year from his side of the family). This way he could coordinate with her and split up the list. Easy-peasy, right? No. Because the Hubs just waited until his sister was done shopping. And then waited until yesterday to shop for me. So off to the mall we went. To a place that I dislike going to. To pick out my own gifts. Merry Christmas to me!

Yes. I'm being sassy. I'm being sarcastic. But I gave him the list. A range of items from housewares to clothing. For clothing, I provided a variety of colors to choose from along with the type of clothing and the size I need. And yet? There I was pointing things out.

The Hubs is definitely not one of those who can arrange a surprise. He doesn't have the skills for that. You know. The pre-planning. Getting things organized WELL in advance. He's not into that. Everything is last minute. SO much like my own father. Totally frustrating!

By the way....all of the Hubs gifts were wrapped and under the tree on Friday. The Hubs and the kids didn't see anything I purchased. So not only will the Hubs be surprised, but the kids as well.


But what did I enjoy? I enjoyed eating lunch out with the Hubs and the kids at a restaurant. We held hands. We cuddled. We colored. We laughed. We ate our lunch. It was loads of fun. Even the slow and not-attentive gal who served us could ruin our time together. And when I mean non-attentive, I mean that both the Hubs and my drink glasses were empty before she asked us if we wanted a refill. And our glasses were not amidst the chaos of our table but on the edge closest to the aisle.

So I guess that bit of fun at lunch well compensated for the fieldtrip into the mall, eh?

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