Sunday, December 21, 2008

Caught and in trouble

Do y'all remember last month when I wrote about my city's annual bike race? And the hit-and-run that occurred?

It turns out that they've found the gentleman who caused the accident. Apparently, he's been indicted on a single count of leaving the scene of an accident causing serious physical injury. Is that ALL? I mean, he collided into TEN cyclists who had the GREEN light. He was going in the opposite direction and turned left INTO them. Granted, the man stopped his car. But he got out and analyzed what happened. And then got back into his vehicle and left. FIVE cyclists were injured. On cyclist suffered a serious brain injury and is still in a hospital in Phoenix. His family is not accepting any interviews.

Now do you think the man who caused the accident should only get one single count of leaving the scene of the accident?

Think about it.




Does it matter that the man is a Navy veteran?

Does it matter that the man helped work on the atomic bomb during WWI just before it was used?

Does it matter that the man is 91 years old?

If it was a younger person, I do think that there would be more charges. I do. I know he's an older man. But really!

My head just aches about the entire situation.

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