Sunday, December 21, 2008

An observation while shopping

As you know, yesterday we went to the mall. Oh fun!

But I must say that our visit to the mall was an eye-opener.

An eye-opener that a TON of ladies just don't watch What Not To Wear.

I just don't understand the fascination with super skinny jeans. The kind of jeans that follow your every curve from your hips to your ankles. Talk about uncomfortable! Granted, I'm sure some are wearing jeans with spandex in them. So it must be a tad more comfortable.

The sheer number of teenage girls and ladies wearing the skinny jeans made my head spin. I felt like I was the only one in the mall wearing boot-cut jeans. Like I was the anomaly.

But ladies?


Those kind of pencil jeans are made for people who are slender. Skinny. STICK thin.

For those of us who are more curvy? Please don't wear those pencil jeans. Just DON'T! Just say NO! Those pencil jeans do not look good at all. AT ALL! The jeans just emphasize how shapely your hips are. It makes your hips look 3x as big because of how the leg sections are cut. Seriously.What's even of an issue is when you wear the skinny jeans with a tiny top. A top that stops at your waist. Ugh.

Ladies, please think about what looks good on YOU. Don't bend to what everyone else is wearing. Please.

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