Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm at that crazed state

Right now it's 11:25pm. I just logged off from work.

I worked all day on a special project. One where I chose NOT to log into Skype or email lest my attention would be averted to other things. I worked for about 6 or 7 hours on the project.

I logged into email after the kidlings were in bed. I had 50+ emails. Uh...what?

I witttled that down to about 20 emails that I still need to work on. I'll get to those tomorrow.

But tomorrow? I am going to be a crazy lady.

Tomorrow is my last full day at home. We're driving up to see the ILs first thing Wednesday. We're spending the night as well. Uh. No. We will NOT be spending the night at their house. I've already mentioned how we don't feel comfortable spending even one night there. We prefer the ability to spread out at a hotel.

Anyway...tomorrow? The day that actually starts in about 35 minutes? Is going to be crazy. I plan on working. And baking cookies with the kids. Oh yeah. Packing. And then wrapping gifts after the kids are in bed. I haven't wrapped ANY of the kids' gifts from Santa (that means toys). I also still have to wrap the clothes from my Mom. ARGH!

I feel like that scene in Home Alone where Kevin is running around with his arms waving all above his head. THAT is how my head feels.

Not only do I have to wrap these things, but I also have to REHIDE them. And I still have to chat with the Hubs on how I'm going to get the gifts from Santa under the tree before we leave the house on Wednesday. We need to coordinate. We have to do this EVERY year. Because we either go to visit my family or his family for Christmas. So each year we coordinate how to get the kids OUT of the house while I get all the wrapped gifts from their hiding places and under the tree. So when we come home? The kids know that Santa has visited our house. I'm tired just THINKING about it!

So who knows if I'll actually be calm enough to log in and write up another post in the next day or so. Or will my mind be cluttered and my body a messy old lump of mush? [sigh] It's the holiday season. I've just got to roll with it. It only happens once a year. And it's definitely worth it to see the look of joy and wonder on my kids faces when they open their gifts.

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