Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fancy New Gadgets

I know a few techno-gadget people. I see a ton of these techno-gadget people in the world. You know the folks that I mean. The people who have the latest cell phones. The people who have the fastest computers. The guys and gals who have 2 or 3 cellphones strapped to their belt. The folks who have all things electrical and shiny.

The Hubs and I? We aren't those people.

We still have my old VCR that I used when the Princess was first born - more than 8 years ago. The kids still use the 36-inch tv that we purchased when we moved to Arizona - more than 12 years ago. We have basic cell phones -- no texting -- no cameras. We're basic and simple.

What cracks me up is how un-techie the Hubs can be. Seriously. He's the alpha male in this household but he's not the go-to person for anything electrical. Granted. I can't fix anything electrical but I DO know how to hook things up. I'm the one who knows how to link the tv, the VCR, the DVD player, and the V-Smile gameplayer together in the kids play area. I'm the one who got the main tv working in tandem with our cable box and DVD/VCR player. The Hubs just doesn't get it.

Last night he again showed me that he doesn't keep up with even the most basic stuff.

Hubs: Babe?
What's up?
Does your laptop have a dial for the brightness?
I'm trying to dim my laptop and I can't find anything.
Sweetie, I just push this function key and push the brighter and darker buttons. It's got pictures on the keys.
Oh...THERE it is!

Y'all, he's had the laptop for about 9 months now. He did NOT know how to adjust the brightness on the thing! After NINE months! He was looking for a little dial. [snorting] Sure. He's one of the most intelligent guys I know. He's got an MBA. He can easily future out interest and all that. But when he messes up with real world stuff like this and that, it just makes me realize he can be clueless on certain things.

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