Monday, December 29, 2008

Moving and boucng around

The kidlings are enjoying the Wii tremendously.

We have had to monitor the kidlings daily use.

I got on for the first time yesterday afternoon. The kidlings got a kick watching me play tennis. Of course, I did poorly the first couple of times. It was so cute when the kidlings kept encouraging me. My own cheer squad.

Last night the Hubs got on for the first time. He used to play tennis during college. Not competitively. Just to keep fit. So he got a wee bit frustrated playing. But I do think he'll be playing with the kids a bit.


So the kidlings aren't just sitting around for vacation. They aren't sitting while I'm working. They're bouncing around and cheering for each other. And that makes me happy.

They're enjoying the Wii. It's clearly they're favorite gift this season.

What's YOUR kids favorite holiday gift?

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