Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sad little display

It seems that most everyone who is going to decorate for Christmas has their stuff out.

Us? I've got a couple strings of white lights wrapped around both trees in our front yard. One tree on the right. One tree on the left. I've got a string of six colored Christmas trees in a semi-circle shape in between the trees. We've got a snowman and a candy cane hanging from suction cups on the window that can be seen between the two trees. That's it up front. And in the back, we've got the icicle lights on the back view fence along with our 7-foot blow-up penguin.

Last night as we came home from the kids' school event? We saw everyone's displays in all their glory. Our one neighbor down the street? They have one strand of clear lights around one bush. And then 3 hologram presents in front of the bush. That's it. I mean, the lights on the bush? The strand only went around twice. Barely any kind of coverage on it. But at least they tried!

My neighbor up the street goes to the other end of the spectrum. She actually had her son come into town to hang her lights. They've got icicle lights on their eves in the front of their house. On the first AND second floor. Plus they've also got icicle lights on the backside of their house. On the first AND second floor. On their backyard patio? They've got one of those big blow-up Santas. AND they've got icicle lights on their back view fence.

But you know what is the most aggravating? Is when a portion of a string goes out after you've hung everything up. ARGH! So annoying! My neighbor across the street has about two strands of colored lights on their two front trees. And on each tree? There is an entire strand out. I totally feel for the husband since he's the one who put everything up. AHHH!!!

Now does your family go ALL OUT on outdoor decorations for Christmas?

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