Sunday, December 14, 2008


Last night, the Hubs was at his desk and got the Blue Screen of Death.

Yeah. Not something you want to see.

He tried to restart it. He did a couple other things. And the problem remained.

He finally dug out some disks and did some other stuff. And? He accidentally refreshed the desktop into its raw state. [gulp] Yes. You read that right. So anything that I hadn't copied and moved onto my laptop? It's lost. LOST. I am sure there is technical way that someone can magically retrieve the data but it's basically gone. [sigh]

Me: So the computer just died out of the blue?
Well, it was starting to act funny last week. That's why I did the defrag. Remember?
You told me you were going to defrag the machine. You never mentioned anything about the computer acting up. I probably would have retrieved my documents and saved them to my laptop. I'm just mainly concerned about the photos that I may not have saved...
Oh. Sorry.

So what to do now? I vote for getting a new desktop. We don't need a new monitor. We bought the Hubs a 22" flat screen monitor last year for his birthday. So in my own opinion, all we need is a new CPU. But that's still a few hundred bucks. I'm thinking about getting the Inspiron 530 directly from Dell. And I do also want to buy an external drive to keep things backed-up more often. So that's another hundred bucks. I'm thinking of getting this one from Best Buy. [sigh] For now though? I think we're going to hold back and just try to get through Christmas. You know?

And I know lots of you just love your Macs, but I can't do it.

"I'm a PC"

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