Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Technology is always changing

But why is it when technology changes that some of the "improved" items just suck the big one?

I mean seriously!

The testing teams that have to go through new software packages REALLY need to check things out. Those who perform beta roll-outs have to really think like a customer. People really need to perform capacity testing to ensure that the new software works at the same speed or a faster speed than the previous version.

The reason I bring this up?

I use Google Reader to read the latest posts on all my favorite blogs. Apparently, the reader went through an upgrade just this past week. Fine and dandy. Or so you'd think. Why is it that the darn reader is going through somersaults to try to open the page I need?




I don't think it's supposed to load and give me a BLANK screen.


I know it's not a system issue because every other site/server I use comes up lickity-split. Like normal. So it's definitely an issue with this particular product.

You folks over at Google? This certainly is a doozy. BAD move on moving to the "improved" reader program. Doesn't seem like y'all tested enough. Better to roll out a product late than to roll out a product that sucks.

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