Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I am so in the mood...

No. Get your thoughts out of the gutter. I get enough of that. Wink

I'm in the mood for some Chinese food. Not that mass produced food. The Hubs and kids enjoy the fast-food version that you can get at the mall's food court. [sigh]

I want some yummy fried rice. Pork lo mein. Kung pao chicken (spicy). And some Peking duck? OH! I'm hungry now.

What are you craving this Christmas season?

You know what I still find funny? That when we're at my ILs house and we order Chinese food? It's not the Chinese food I'd typically order. It's a place that touts itself to be high-end Chinese food. But it's definitely for lack of a better phrase -- Americanized. Anyway, when we order and eat with my ILs? They order their own individual entree. Seriously. They order their own meal and that's it. WTF? So the Hubs and I? We share.

I guess I'm used to eating Chinese food family-style. Aren't you? When I'm with my side of the family, we just count up how many people are going to be eating and we order a bunch of entrees. We order enough entrees so that everyone can get a good amount to eat. Typically, we'll get soup and get a bowl large enough where everyone can get at least one bowl. Then a pork and a chicken dish. If there are enough of us then we'll order a beef and a seafood dish. Then if that's not enough food then we'll get more food. Then we grab a spoonful of each entree. This way we get a taste of everything! YUMMY!

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