Monday, January 26, 2009

From my husband's point of view

The Hubs says that I'm a drama magnet.

He says that things seem to happen to me that don't happen to other people.

What? It's not like I look for trouble.

Trouble seems to find me.

And today was one of those days.

This afternoon when I was driving home after getting the kids from school. I was pretty close to being in an accident. With a cement mixer. Yes. That big old thing was on my left and started moving into my lane. I had to step on my brake just to be sure he wouldn't hit me. Once the truck was about a foot into my lane? The guy turned on his signal. Of course, I blasted my horn at him to let him know that he was moving into the lane WAY too close to me.

I have to tell you...I was fuming. Not 15 seconds after he moved into my lane, he started moving back to the left lane. Yes. He was trying to move back into the lane he had was just in. And the Jeep that was in that lane leaned on their horn to let the cement truck know that it had made another BAD move. The cement mixer almost hit TWO cars in less than a minute.

When I got home? I called the cement truck company. I did! I'm one of those drivers that you don't want to mess with. If you're in a company truck and you cut me off or drive too quickly through a school zone or my neighborhood? I am going to call your company. And I totally look for a company truck #, which is generally easier to track down in most company's systems. If I can't find one then I'll write down the license plate #. And yes. I do WRITE it down. I've got a pad and pencil in my car. I also write down the time it happened and the area where the incident happened. Northbound. Eastbound. Including cross-streets if applicable. No. I don't do this when my car is in motion. I wait until I get to a stop at an intersection. The guy at the cement company was a little surprised that I had so much info. But he could totally tell that I was upset, so I hope someone will have a serious talk with the driver of that truck.

Not my second incident for today? It's something I saw first thing this morning when I logged into my work email. This is a response from someone who received a standard form email from me yesterday after our review team looked at this person's work.
are you fucking kidding me?

you kept hounding me over and over to join up with you and now you reject me?

your representative emailed me at least twenty times asking me to join your organization. i had to download your stupid forms and fill them out, even after explaining how little time i had to deal with this.

and now you reject me? you morons.

please go fuck yourselves, and i mean that in the nastiest way possible.
Colorful, eh? I can just see him spitting the words out as he typed this email. Such venom. And this was only addressed to me. Our rep who initially interfaced with this person was not on the email. Just me! And I'm not the one who approached this person. And I'm not the one who reviewed this person's work. I'm just the one who sent out the standard reject email out. My first ever point of contact with this guy. And I get this email?


Today definitely was not the best.

But do you think I'm a drama magnet? These kind of things don't happen to the Hubs. Do these situations seem typical to you? Have these kind of situations actually happened to you?

I'm sure tomorrow will be better.

[crossing fingers and toes]

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