Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Breath in deep...exhale...breath in...[updated]

Guess what I get to do today? Bring BOTH kids to the pediatrician.

Yes. It's time for their annual check-up.

But wait you say...wasn't it just the Bear's birthday? Yes.

Then WHY are you bringing the Princess?

Because y'all....I didn't bring her for her check-up when she had her birthday. In September. Yeah. I forgot. And just to confess....I didn't bring her in the previous year either. That's right! Mother of the Year award winner here! I haven't brought my daughter into the doctor for over 2 years. She's been healthy. Just a little stomach bug here and there. She wasn't due for any immunizations until she turns 10. So it slipped my mind. [sigh]

So both kiddos are in school right now. Got back from the drop-off. I'm going to do a little work. Check email to see if there's anything urgent. Get a message up on my Skype that I'll be out most of the morning. Put on some make-up (as I tend to go au natural when I drop the kids off). Then I'll be out to get the kids again.

Oh geez....just remembered that I need to get some laundry done today as well. ARGH! The never-ending baskets of laundry! But when the kids are in school the laundry does pile up quickly. I mean, they wear an outfit to go to school and then change into a fresh outfit when they come home. Yes. I make them change when they get in the door.We come in through the garage and we keep fresh outfits right in the half-bath that's 4 steps from the garage. The kids go into the half-bath once they get their shoes/socks off and change in the half-bath. Then throw their school clothes into their laundry basket.

Why do they change you ask? Because their clothes are normally grimmy with dirt/sand. And I don't need those dirty clothes on my couches or carpets. I don't need a trail of sand on my tile floors. So this change into a fresh outfit after school is necessary to decrease the mess in my home. Yes. We do end up with some dirt and sand on the floors downstairs, but it's MUCH less than what it could be. BEFORE I wash their clothes? I take each of their baskets out in the garage and shake out their clothes. Let me tell you the amount of sand/dirt that comes off is amazing. There's sand in their pants, their sweatshirt pockets, and their socks. THE. SOCKS. It's much more the Bear than the Princess. But she's no immune to the sand. [sigh]

Anyway, I have to actually log into work now. It's going to be a busy morning.

What're YOU up to today?

Folks? It's noon and I've got someone home with me.

What? But isn't today a school day? Yes. The Princess is home. From school.

I found out that she has.... strep throat. STREP

We'll be out to pick the Bear up from school in a couple of hours. Yes. He went back to school.

Dr. Beth checked out the Bear. 45 1/2 pounds. 45 1/2 inches tall. He's a square! And what's funny? Is that his measurements? Are 50% in both height and weight. Blood pressure? 82/40. Heart. Strong. Vision. Check. Ears. Clear. Throat. Fine. HA! She gave him the "all clear" sign.

Dr. Beth then checked the Princess out. 46 1/2 pounds. 52 inches tall. Her height? It's in the 90th percentile, while her weight is in the 25th percentage. Did you catch her weight? She weights ONE whole pound more than her brother. And she's 27 months older. And almost 7 inches taller! Blood pressure? 80/40. Heart? Strong. Vision? Check. Ears? Clear. Throat? Uh.....
Dr. Beth: Girlfriend? Does your throat hurt?
Princess: Not really.
Dr. Beth: Hmmm...because it looks like you've got something going on in there.
Me: What do you think it is?
Dr. Beth: Strep is going around. I'll just swab her throat and test it now.
Princess: What does it taste like?
Dr. Beth: Like nothing. [glancing at me]
So Dr. Beth did the "fast" test and it came back positive. We picked up the 10-day antibiotics from CVS and I've already given her the first dose. She's fine as fine can be. She's currently watching "City of Ember".

Other than this bit of strep? Both kids are fine and dandy.

Now does that girl above look sick? THIS is how she looked after Dr. Beth swabbed her throat. Yeah. That Strep bug didn't make my girl miserable at all.

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