Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting along

I love it when my kids get along with each other. Because I only have two kids, they're either getting along or fighting. I try my darndest not to get involved when they squabble.When I can hear them starting to get too rowdy or riled up, sometimes I'll yell up to them.
Get along!
Not too rough!
This will usually redirect them or tone down their play enough to a level that allows them to avoid a conflict. When they do end up "engaging", I'll just ask each of them what happened. I hear both points of view. I don't accuse one or the other of anything. Usually they've BOTH done something to get the situation to that level. But it's amazing how when I'm listening to each of them explain what happened, I can see that the other is on the other one is normally on the verge of tears. Once I've heard both explanations? They give each other a hug. Then I normally send them to their rooms for a little bit of quiet.
Okay. Go to your rooms so you can settle down.
They go. And then a bit later I can hear them playing quietly together. In each other's bedroom. They end up reconciling in no time flat. No big grudges. Just acceptance of what happened after they've had some quiet time alone.

Not everyone can get along ALL the time. Right?

But watch this little video about two that DO get along. It's so cute.

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