Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week in Review Jan11-17

Here's the weekly wrap-up in pictures!

January 11 - I was struck by how innocent my daughter's eyes still look at times. It reminds me how little she used to be. [sigh]

January 12 - Here is a better look of the hot-air balloon that floats past our neighborhood. I took a few shots of this as it went by. This photo was the best one as I was actually able to figure out how to focus on the balloon and get the foreground out-of-focus. THAT is a big feat for me and my automatic digital camera!

January 13 - The Bear now enjoys coloring. He never used to. But since he stated school he now appreciates the soothing nature of filling in the blanks with color. Look at him tackling R2-D2 as he sits on the rug. He can sit likes that FOREVER. Do you think it's a comfy position?

January 14 - Remember how I mentioned that kids were playing Eye-Spy? Here's the Bear trying to figure out what has sister has spotted. And there is the Princess giggling to herself while she washes dishes.

January 15 - I had to take a shot of my midday companions. As of late, right next to my computer have been a soda and Carmex. It's so dang dry here. I can never tell when my lips will be chapped. And I NEVER can find my Carmex when I need it.'s now camped out on my desk.

January 16 - Every school day I drive the kids to their school. Why don't they take the bus some of you may be asking. You see, my kids attend a charter school that's about 6 miles from our house. There's only about 150 kids at the school that has kindergarten to 8th grade. On this particular morning as I was headed towards the school, I was struck by how amazing the sun peaked around this lone standing building at the corner.

January 17 - The kids hit 100 days of school. On Friday when I picked up the Bear from school, he was wearing this bit of eyewear. Actually, ALL The kindergarten class had these one. It was too cute!

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