Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's 3pm and I'm tired.

We stayed up until just after midnight. ALL. OF. US.

And we had more people in the house than I expected.

Around 1pm, I got a call. From Shorty. Turns out that he and LilSis were just about to drive out here. SIX. HOURS.

Why? So that we could all be together to celebrate the new year.


Since my folks are out of the country. And BigSis#2 was out here already? LilSis wanted to be here too.

So LilSis and Shorty got here around 11pm. They lost an hour during the drive due to the time zone change. And we were all together when midnight rolled around.

It was great.

BigSis#2, Jello, Mickey & Theo are driving back home right now.

They left Kay here. She'll be getting a ride back home with LilSis and Shorty tomorrow.

So this week it's been REAL busy here. But it's been fabulous seeing my family.

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