Saturday, January 3, 2009

Week in Review Jan1-3

There's a lady that I read every day. I enjoy her wit. I enjoy what she writes about her kids. And what she's doing has inspired me. She is taking photos every day. And selecting a favorite. And posting daily. DAILY!

As much as I wish I had the dedication to post daily. I can be swamped. I can get over-whelmed. I am going to do a weekly photo post. A week in review of my favorite photos rather than a daily post.

So here goes....

January 1 - The Bear was testing out his Nerf gun and was shooting up into the sky. He was seeing how FAR the little missile darts would go.

January 2 - I took a glance at the front door after we all ate breakfast. I couldn't get over how lovely the sun looked as came into the house.

January 3 - I got the Princess in motion as she tackled one of the Wii characters at tennis. Her hair was flying and her so were her arms & legs.

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