Monday, January 12, 2009

In someone's reality my water-heater is fixed

Oh people....PEOPLE!

It's 8:30am and my water heater is NOT fixed yet.

WTF? Yeah. That's what I was thinking yesterday. Yesterday...oh yeah. Remember how I mentioned that the repair guy came to the house on Friday?

Yesterday, I made sure to zip back home after dropping the kids off at school. The repair guy said he'd be here between 8 and noon, so I made sure I was home.

I waited. And I waited.

Around 10:30am I called the plumbing company to check when I should expect the repair guy.
Office: Hello?
Me: Hi. I'm supposed to have a water heater switched out this morning between 8 and noon. I'm just checking on when I should expect the technician.
Office: What's your address?
Me: I live at ### B Street.
Office: Here it is. Hmm....Can I put you on hold for a minute?
Me: Sure.
I'm on hold. So I wait patiently.
Office: Okay. Sorry about the wait. It was a warranty issue.
Me: Yeah. The technician said that he was going to call the manufacturer on Friday and get the switch out approved.
Office: He couldn't get a hold of them on Friday, so I just called them while you were on hold. It's now been approved.
Me: Okay...
Office: So will you be available between 2 and 6?
Me: Umm...most of that time. I need to pick up my kids from school.
Office: Okay. We'll call before he comes over. I have your home number. Is there another number we can get for you?
Me: Here's my cell ###-####. If you don't get me on the home number then call me there.
Office: Okay. Will do.
So I continue to work like a normal day. Then at 3:40pm, I leave to pick up the kids. As I'm driving up the driveway, I notice a business card on the front door.


When I get inside the house? I have a message on our home phone. I immediately call the plumbing company.
Office: Hi.
Me: I had an appointment between 2 and 6. I stepped out and I missed your technician.
Office: Oh...
Anyway, we reschedule for today. Between 9 and noon.

But can you believe it? What a fiasco. I was home between 8 and noon yesterday. I didn't get a COURTESY call from them letting me know that they hadn't gotten approval yet. Then when I get it reschedule yesterday? The technician comes during the 45 minutes when I finally DO leave my house. Did you catch the important call that I did not get? I didn't get a call on my cell. They requested another number and didn't even bother calling.


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