Sunday, January 11, 2009

January birthdays can be hit or miss

Next Sunday, we're having the Bear's 6th birthday party. It doesn't phase the kid that his actual birthday was this past Friday. We couldn't get our act together and get all the details figured out for this weekend. Not enough time for people to get settled back into the groove with school.

There was a birthday party today. The Bear was invited. He's been SO looking forward to it all week. The party person is a girl in his class. We got the invitation on Monday. I talked to the Hubs and made sure he was going to be bringing the Bear to the event. 3pm Sunday. He concurred. And then I RSVP'd to the girl's Mom.

The party was scheduled between 3pm-5pm. Around 2:30pm today, the Hubs and Bear headed out to the party. Enough time to get to their destination, right? Around 3pm, the Hubs calls me to check Mapquest on where the park was located. I told him I couldn't FIND the park. You see, the invitation had the park's name and the name of the two streets that intersect where the park is supposedly located. It did not have a map.

The Bear and the Hubs got home around 4:10pm. They could NOT find the park where the party was being held. Yes. The Hubs even called the Mom to verify its location.
Hubs: Hi.This is the Bear's Dad. We're driving and we can't find the park.
Girl's Mom:'s on T X road.
Hubs: We're north of Main Street. I saw on Mapquest that's the only place where the two streets on the invitation intersect.
Girl's Mom: No. You should be SOUTH of Main Street. You just keep driving south and you'll see a Baptist church. The park is right there.
The Hubs said that the Mom talked in a "What a dummy. You can't find the place?" tone. So he followed her vague instructions and did not find the place. So that's why he came home.

As I stated earlier, the two streets that were on the invitation? The two streets intersect NORTH of main street. And the Mom saidsomething about the park being SOUTH of main street. And I couldn't even FIND the park on Mapquest. [sigh] This is the main reason we put a MAP into an invitation when we're having a party at a park or home. If we're having a party at a business (like Pump It Up), we make sure to send the business' inviation because it has the street address, website, and business phone number on it. This way parents have a variety of methods of ensuring the location of a place. You know?

Anyway, the Hubs said as he was driving home, the Mom did try to give him a call back. But the Hubs didn't answer. He was headed home. I'm thinking that the Mom was trying to track people down. Trying to find out if they were still coming. Or MAYBE she found out that her instructions were faulty.

Needless to say, we've got the gift sitting in our front hallway. The Bear was disappointed but he was witness to how the Hubs was trying hard to find the place. The Hubs said he was a couple other cars doing U-turns in the same vicinity as his search. I wonder how many people from the Bear's class actually ended up showing.

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