Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 4 - I left you with the Princess in action on the Wii. Here is the Bear getting ready for a backhand playing tennis.

January 5 - In past winters we've seen a hot air balloon fly over our neighborhood almost every morning. This season we haven't seen many. We were surprised to see one as we drove down the main road away from our house.

January 6 - The Bear insisted on wearing a hat to school this morning. Instead of the normal collegiate labeled baseball hat, he chose the Legoland one we got for him this summer. Doesn't he look dep in thought as he straps on his shoes?

January 7 - The Princess is doing a happy-dance to celebrate the completion of her homework. She enjoys doing her math homework but loves it when she's totally finished.

January 8 - And here is the Bear in deep concentration as he's doing his own homework.

January 9 - The Bear did a super-hero pose with his birthday crown on for me. Can you see the mischievous twinkle in his eye?

January 10 - I was able to capture a fleeting photo of the Hubs as he headed out for a morning walk yesterday. He really hates getting his photo taken. he-he-he...

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