Friday, January 9, 2009

The pain of January birthdays was my son's SIXTH birthday.

Today he opened up his practical gifts. He got a few new pair of shoes. He got some t-shirts & pants. Yes. Boring stuff. But he did get to select what we had for dinner tonight. AND I picked up some cupcakes for dessert. I also dropped off a couple boxes of monster cookies at school so that the entire class could get a treat. At school he wore a birthday crown that his teacher made all day.

He'll actually have a big bash next Sunday at jumping castle place that the Princess had her party at. I didn't want to schedule that for this weekend. It's hard enough getting back into the swing of school and then have fit a party in that first weekend? Ay-yay-yay! The jump castle place needs an estimate on how many kids would attend, so I wanted to give parents some time to figure out their schedules. Give them time to actually RSVP. Let's see how it works out.


Last night (Thursday) before bed, we gave him extra tight hugs. I'm sure he needed it after his cold sponge bath! Brrr.... But it was the last time we'd hug our own little FIVE year old. [sigh]

I looked at him intently as he ate his breakfast this morning. He has no bit of baby face left in him. He's all boy. B-O-Y!

My son is such a joy to me. His smile just melts my heart. When his soft eyes appear to have any kind of despair or pain in them, my eyes are on the brink of tears. The fierceness in which he plays any type of outdoor game makes me want to cheer. I relish in his squeezing hugs. I find it amazing how gently he can stroke my hair and rub my back when I'm laying on the couch next to him.

My son is definitely growing up. And it makes me happy. But there is that bittersweet feeling inside of me that wishes he'd stay a little guy. But he is growing. And I hope I'm guiding him into being a proper young man. One who is loving and kind. One who protects those that he loves. One who chooses to do the right thing rather than the popular thing. One who stands on his own two feet rather than just following others blindly.

He's a boy who will soon be a man. I'm sure when he graduates from college it'll feel like time has flown in the blink of an eye. A blink. And so...I hope I'm able to continue to relish the moments that I'm with him.

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