Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting a repair done...maybe...[not yet]

The Hubs called the water heater manufacturer this morning. They referred him to an authorized repair person. In Phoenix. Uh...folks? We live about 1.5 hours away.

Anyway, the Hubs called the authorized repair person. And the guy picked up the call at 6am. Yes, he did. I'm sure this guy has all his work related called forwarded to his house during off-hours. The guy, Troy, said he'd call a local person who can do the repair.

It's 8:58am and the local repair person? Has not yet called me.



The Hubs called me around 9am. He found out that the local repair company hadn't called me. The Hubs called the authorized repair person in Phoenix to find out what was going on.

I got a call back from the authorized repair person in Phoenix around 9:30am saying the repair person he'd originally called wouldn't be able to make it to our house today. So he had been calling aorund for another person to come out. And THAT new repair person would be calling me soon.

I got a call from the 2nd local plumbing repair company around 10am. I was actually in the garage checking out the water heater when I got the call. And I felt water at the base of the water heater. [play ominous music here] I let the 2nd local plumbing repair company know about what I found. The gal let me know that the technician would be by between noon and 4.

The technician showed up at 2:45pm. He checked around the water heater with a flashlight. He was actually able get the pilot light re-lit. Whew! AND he let me know that our water heater had a tiny leak at the seal. That he'd need to do a switch out a new water heater. BUT...he first needed to run it by the manufacturer. The manufacturer that's located on the east coast. The office that was now closed for the day. ARGH! But he said that he'd be able to talk to the manufacturer tomorrow.

And that he'd come out Monday to switch out the water heaters.
Repair Guy: Since I'm going to talk to the manufacturer tomorrow, I can come by Monday to switch out the water heaters.
Me: Monday?
Repair Guy: Will you be able to have someone home on MOnday? That's as soon as I can schedule things.
Me: Monday is fine. When do you think you can come out?
Repair Guy: I can make this my first appointment of the day. If someone can be here around 9am?
Me: Oh. That's fine. I usually am home by 8:30am at the latest.
Repair Guy: That's not too early for you? If that's okay then I can show up then.
Me: 8:30am is fine. The earlier the better.
So we're scheduled for a brand new water heater on Monday. The only obstacle we have? Is that we have to make it through 2 more days and 2 more nights with a water heater that's got a leak. Hopefully that darn water heater can make it a couple more days without any glitches. [crossing fingers and toes]

And y'all? The Hubs and I relished in our showers. Ah..... And so did the kids. After yesterday's sponge baths, they really enjoyed their warm water shower.

Now have you had to deal with no hot water during the winter? What did YOU do?

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