Thursday, January 8, 2009

When it rains, it pours

Getting the kids ready for bed, I realized that....we had no hot water.

That's right folks. It's winter and we have no hot water.

I ended up giving the kids sponge baths.

The Hubs was busy in the garage looking at the darn water heater. We have a conventional gas water heater. We don't have one of those tankless deals. They weren't available with our builder when we purchased our home.

After the kids were in bed, he handed me the folder that the builder gave us that had all the warranty information.
Hubs: Look through this folder for water heater stuff.
Me: Through this? [pointing at the white binder]
Hubs: Yeah. I looked through it twice and couldn't find anything.
I lazily looked through the folder. I knew there wouldn't be any useful information in it. I went over to one of our kitchen drawers and pulled out a bunch of pamphlets. I flipped through them and TA-DA! I found the pamphlet for the water heater. I walked into the garage and waved the pamphlet at the Hubs.
Me: Here's the pamphlet.
Hubs: Oh. Good. You found THAT in the folder?
Me: No honey. It was in that one drawer where we threw all the miscellaneous new house books and all that.
Hubs: Okay. Umm...I believe the pilot is out. I can't see anything through the little window there.
We looked through the manual to make sure we were performing the correct steps to "re-light" the pilot. AND? Nothing happened.


The Hubs is going to call the water heater company tomorrow. They open at 8am eastern. That's 6am for us! Thankfully, the water heater is still under warranty. [sighing in relief] If anything is wrong then we should be good to go. The only hitch I think will be if they don't have anyone available to come out to our house tomorrow. OR if our water heater needs a strange part that's not in stock.

But we are hoping for the best. Hot water. Is that too much to ask for?

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