Thursday, January 8, 2009

You say po-TAY-toe and I say po-taw-toe

With every couple there are differences. You know how it goes.

You talk one way. Your spouse talks another.

One of you is laid back. The other is always stressed.

The Hubs can drink a Coke at 10pm and still sleep fitfully all night. I can't drink caffeine after 3pm or else I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep.


And tonight? I found a new one.

The Hubs wrote an article last week. Tonight I finally took a gander at it. And one word stopped me dead in my tracks.


Me: Honey. You spelled something wrong.
Hubs: What word?
Me: d-i-l-e-m-n-a
Hubs: Yes. That's how you spell it.
Me: Isn't it spelled with TWO m's?
Hubs: Nope.
Me: Seriously. It looks wrong with m-n. It's got to be spelled with two m's.
Hubs: Nope. Google it.
And THAT is what I did. It turns out it's just one of those things.Just like po-tay-toe and po-taw-toe.

Certain people stress on the fact that their teachers hammered the word into their heads as "dilemna", so it's GOT to be correct. Academics seem to prefer the word spelled "dilemna".

But the general population? I'm thinking that they spell it "dilemma" - with TWO m's.

Why? Because of what you get when you break the word down. DI means "two", while LEMMA means "assumption". That's good enough for me. I'm sticking with the two m's. Why? Because the other way just looks WRONG.

But then again...what a word to have this kind of duality with. Based upon the definition of the word? I guess we can spell it either way. Dilemma. Dilemna.

Which way do YOU spell it?

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