Thursday, January 29, 2009

THIS is the reason I don't live in a snowy climate

Did you happen to see THIS latest article released to an AP writer on Yahoo?

This is exactly the reason the Hubs and I don't want to live in areas that receive snow. This is scary stuff here. More than a MILLION homes/businesses don't have any power! That just blows my mind. The kids and I saw more than a handful of trees down or going down due to the weight of the ice on their branches on the Weather Channel this morning.

Now do the majority of people in colder climates have a gas or wood burning fireplace? This way you'd at least have some warmth. I know that if this happened to us, we'd all sleep in the family room around our gas fireplace. We've got space to sleep on the couch or on the floor.

And how are these folks eating? Does everyone have gas-powered stoves/ovens? I know that here in Arizona, there are a bunch of homes that have electric all through their homes. Electric stoves. Electric ovens. Electric everything! So when the power goes out? These folks are SOL. Our previous home in Phoenix was all electric. So we know the PAIN of now having anything running. That's why when we had this house built, we opted for gas power for our water heater, stove, oven, and fireplace. y'all that don't have power? I totally feel for you. If you've got family in these cold weather environments? Please take a moment to check on them. Give them shelter. Give them some encouragement.

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