Friday, January 30, 2009

You think J+K+2+6 are crazy?

There are a lot of folks out there that don't like Kate&Jon Gosselin. People don't seem to like Kate. She likes things clean. She likes things done HER way. She likes to keep her kids on a schedule. She swats at her husband. She disagrees with her husband. I'd say all these traits are pretty normal. But alas there are dozens and dozens of Gosselin hate sites. Yes. ENTIRE SITES dedicated to critiquing this couple for televising their family. I am there is a lot of serious nastiness being said on these sites. Horrible things.

People also don't seem to understand or even want to fathom the fact that Kate knew she was pregnant with 6 babies. The two of them had the twins (Madelyn & Cara) and wanted one more baby. Little did they realize that so many embryos would take. And those of you who gone through the implantation process know that you can put 8 in and not one can take. Jon and Kate chose NOT to go through selective reduction because it was against their beliefs. It was their decision as a couple. I totally understand their thought process. **

But this gal who just gave birth to octuplets? She already has SIX children ranging from 2 to 7 years old. She's going from having to care for 6 kids to FOURTEEN little ones! I'm flabbergasted!!! I mean, right now she's living at home with her parents while her husband is in Iraq so she'll have a little help caring for the babies. But man! Wasn't six kids enough? Why in goodness name was she on FERTILITY drugs? Can anyone give me some insight on this one?

I just hope this gal doesn't think that she'll be thrust into the limelight and get a tv show out of this. Help me understand.... [sigh]

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