Friday, January 30, 2009

And here's another items where we differ

Y'all know how much effort it takes for me to tolerate some family members. My MIL and SIL in particular.

I just remembered a recent incident where we differ once more.

My ILs came over to our house a couple weeks ago to celebrate the Bear's birthday party. They came to our house after the kids' party at the jump-castle place. All the adults were hanging out in the family room/kitchen. The Hubs was outside barbequing some hot dogs and brats. The Princess and Bear were upstairs with their cousins from the Hubs side of the tree. So that left me in the kitchen prepping lunch with my FIL, MIL, SIL, and DS (who is married to the Hubs' cousin) chatting away. My SIL was talking about all the shows that she's recently seen about people. About the gal who has no legs who had a baby? About the two teenage girls who live conjoined. Then my SIL mentioned J&K. My MIL immediately said "I think she's crazy."
SIL: There was that one show that had that midget girl with no legs. And she had a BABY!
MIL: Is that the one where she was changing the baby on the couch?
SIL: The one I'm talking about is the one where her boyfriend or fiancee or whatever he is dragged her on the ground to get her from room to room.
MIL: Oh yeah! I saw that show.
They continued to talk a bit about that show. My mind drifted away as I didn't know who they were talking about.
SIL: Did you see the one of those teenagers who were attached?
MIL: They were Siamese twins?
SIL: Yeah. They had two heads, but the rest of their body was mixed together.
MIL: What?
SIL: It was weird! Their heads were next to each other facing the same direction. so each had a shoulder and an arm that they controlled. And then they had one body with two legs.
MIL: What?
So they continued to discuss Abby and Brittany. About why they were still attached. How weird it must be to be attached. And how difficult it must be to do things if they only control half of their body.
DS: Well they've been doing it so long that it's natural to them. [who was also ignoring the discussion finally interjected]
SIL: But it's so strange.
DS: What else are they going to do? Just sit there?
Me: It's one of the examples of cooperation. I mean, they're able to drive and play baseball. They plan out what they're going to do and they each knows their role.
I guess DS and I took the thunder out of the discussion because they moved onto another topic at that point. DS and I then ignored them once again. The conversation then moved onto the Duggars.
SIL: I can't believe they have so many kids!
MIL: But I think it's related to their religion.
SIL: That lady is pregnant ALL the TIME!
MIL: That couldn't be good for her.
They went off on that for a bit. Then they turned to Jon & Kate.
SIL: Then there's that Kate lady with her twins and then her sextuplets!
MIL: Oh yeah! HER!
SIL: She's got SO many KIDS!
MIL: I think she's crazy.
Me: Why do you think that? I think she's normal. She doesn't put on an act like she's some goody-two-shoes for the camera. She keeps it real. I mean, she does have 8 children.
DS: I think she's pretty much normal too. I probably would be the same way if I had THAT many kids.
Yeah. DS and I killed that slashfest of Kate right then and there. I knew I loved DS! And this is just another reason why she and I get along so well. And this is also another reason why I basically just tolerate my ILs. They just kept on ripping negatives about people on tv. That was the entire vein of their discussion. Bringing up people on tv and pointing all faults and weird behavior. People they don't even know! And they had opinions on them. But that's just the way they are. And I basically tolerate that behavior. I don't join in the discussion until I feel compelled to say something.

Some of you might say that I'm writing negative stuff here about my SIL and MIL. And their kind of behavior irks me to no end. They are the type of people who get my panties all up in my behind like a g-string. But I try my darn-dest to ignore their negative behavior and comments when I'm with them. I let them be. Because that's just the way they are. I can't change them. They've always been this way. I mean, they talk about their own family members behind their back -- all gossip-like.

And my comments on my SIL and MIL? These are my point of view of them is from what I actually see. I see their FULL behavior. Not some edited tv version. I see how they are with my own two eyeballs. What I say about them isn't heresay. It's not rumors. It's what I witness. So I have a first-hand account on things. I'm not one to say I dislike someone because I see them on tv or because someone told me something. I tend to hold my opinion on people until I see them in person. Until then? I try hard to understand where people are coming from. What their thought process was/is. I try. I really do.

And why am I making these comments about my SIL and MIL here? Because this here site is my outlet. To keep peace in the family, I don't say anything when I'm in their midst. But here? This is where I can express my feelings without repercussions. This is where I get things out so I don't get an ulcer. That's something my Dad had when he was my age. Because he kept things bottled up inside him. And I don't want an ulcer. No way. No how.

Now how do YOU keep your sanity? Where do you let out your frustrations about things and people?

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