Monday, February 2, 2009

Week in Review Jan25 - 31

Here's the weekly wrap-up in pictures!

January 25 - I have to tell you that there is NOTHING more refreshing to me than the smell of hot, clean towels. Every 2 weeks or so I throw my towels into the washer with a 1/2 cup of bleach. Yes. That smell of classic Clorox bleach reminds me of clean. As you can see from this photo, I've got white face towels. I've also got white towels. ALL my towels are white. Yes. It's true. WHITE towels. And I have two elementary school-aged kids. Why white? Because I can bleach these suckers. And growing up? We never had matching towels. My Mom would buy two or three towels at a time. Our linen closet was filled with an assortment of colors and patterns. I think that's why I also am drawn to thick plain white towels.

January 26 - Here is the Bear waiting impatiently patiently for his turn to take a shower. Yes. My son has taken showers for about a year now. No more baths for my two. They've graduated to showers. Quicker. Less water. And there my boy is laying there waiting for his sister to GET OUT so he can get into bed.

January 27 - This little bear has been with us for over 8 years. It was something that we got at one of the baby showers we had before the Princess was born. This bear, Pastel, is well loved with worn marks. I wonder if my girl is going to keep this until she's an adult. I mean, I still have my favorite bunny rabbit, Pinky, that I received when I was a baby. My Mom said that I used to sock the bunny in the tummy. Why? Because the little bell in it wouldn't work sometimes. RING ya darn bunny. RING! I also have my favorite bear, Daisy, that I received when I was in sick with the chicken pox.

January 28 - While waiting for our turn with Dr. Beth, the Princess and I commenced with a round of hangman. The Princess is a fabulous reader and speller. So it's fun to play this with her. The Bear joins in and helps me guess letters. I always tend to have a pen and pad of paper in my purse when the kids and I go to appointments. Ya never know HOW long you end up having to wait. When we go out to eat? I've got a bag of crayons, stickers, and extra paper in my bag so they can "create" something while we wait for our food.

January 29 - The Bear put this little helicopter together on his own this afternoon. I'm not too sure which restaurant he got it from. He found the "kit" in his art area, so who knows HOW long we've had it in the house. I have to tell you that this thing was tiny. And only little kid fingers could get these bits of paper joined together properly. Isn't it cute?

January 30 - The Bear and the Hubs were lounging on the couch watching tv together. The Hubs is laying on way and the Bear laying the other. The Bear's lets are on top of the Hubs' legs/hips. Don't my two boys look cozy and comfortable together?

January 31 - Saturday night, we broke out this new game of Scrabble. I'd never played this version of the game. Where you can stack letters on top of the letters already on the board. Like the word "moles" originally said "hole". And "noose" originally said "house". It was fun because we had more options to create words. This one is a keeper and will probably become a family favorite like Boggle.

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