Monday, February 2, 2009

The Girls share a bit of cheer

The Princess is having a blast with Girl Scouts. She is enjoying meeting the girls. Initially she was quite shy. A lot of the girls are very outgoing and loud. Y'all know the Princess is on the quiet side and very full of thought. I think she's found a nice little groove in the group. She's found the other quiet girl in the group and I think the two hang out with each other.

As it's cookie season right now, the Princess had found that she's enjoying the process. She enjoyed going through our neighborhood and asking folks to help support her troope. She enjoyed emailing our family asking if they'd like to purchase boxes. She is REALLY looking forward to selling cookies in front of our local grocery store. Uh-yeah...she is LOOKING forward to it. Of course, each girl has to have a parent present when their child is at the cookie booth. Yes. We can't just drop off our girls. We have to stay and help. [sigh] But it's all about sharing the goodness from the girls hearts. Smiling. Greeting people. Being polite. Giving people that yearly taste of "home" in a box.

Over the weekend, we found out that one of the girls received a HUGE order for cookies. This order? It's not going to the person who ordered them. It's going to the military. The Girl Scouts have a program where people can purchase cookies that will be donated to military personnel overseas. Did you not know about this program? It's called Troop to Troop. The girls in our troop will be creating cards to send to the troops as well. Cards to say "Thank You" in a way that only little girls can do. Sweet, no?

Now if YOU don't want to eat these cookies, but still want to help the girls do something? When you see any Girl Scouts with a stand outside your local grocery or hardware store, ask them if they are taking Troop to Troop donations. This way you can do something good without having to consume those sweet-tasting calories.

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