Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Work & Play

The Princess normally washes some dishes after dinner each night.

The Bear is tasked with handsweeping any crumbs on the table and then sweeping under the table with a foxtail and dustpan.

Of course, the Bear normally finishes up before his sister. Tonight was the normal state of affirs.

What was most unexpected was that the two were chatting it up after the Bear finished his chore.
I spy with my little eye something clear.
The water bottle!
You got it! Your turn.
I spy with my little eye something purple.
Your new Play-doh!
You got it! Your turn.
They did this until the Princess was finished with the dishes. They were giggling and going on and on with the game. It was TOO CUTE.

It's fun being a Mom when the kids get along like this. SO FUN!

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