Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dinner for three

The Hubs let me know earlier this week that he'd be home LATE on Friday.

Why? It's per his boss' request.

His boss thought it would be a good idea for the Hubs to rub elbows with some finance people who work at the out-site office. Apparently, the folks from the off-site office go out for Happy Hour about once a month. And THAT is where the Hubs will be headed tomorrow after work.

YES. It's work required fun. We've all been there. You know. The Christmas event of years past where it was a total blow-out. Workday team-building events. Company picnics. Yeah. Sometimes it can be fun. REAL fun. But other times? It's a drag.

Tomorrow night? I think the Hubs thinks it'll be a drag. But he may have fun. Who knows. When he comes home I'll find out.

So with the Hubs out having "fun" with people from work? That leaves me alone with the kids for dinner on a Friday night. Hmm...what to do? WHAT to do?

To do something different, I'm contemplating taking them to a pre-dinner movie. I can pre-make some sweet-sour red wine vinegar chicken along with some veggies & buttered noodles. Maybe....we'll see how things pan out.

When you're alone with the kids on a Friday night, what do YOU do?

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