Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tummy problems [updated]

The Princess is home from school right now. She woke up and felt nauseous.

When the Bear found out his sister was not feeling well? He was eating his morning portion of oatmeal . And when I came over to say good morning to him? He got tears in his eyes.
Me: What's wrong buddy?
Bear: Mommy?
Me: What buddy?
Bear: My sissy is sick.
The poor kid. He had tears rolling down his face. He doesn't like anything bad to happen to his sister. Her being sick? That just made him tremendously sad. He just loves her SO much.

Right now? The Bear is at school. The Princess? She finally was able to relieve the tension in her tummy. I had her take a couple sips of cold water. And that triggered her body into reacting. Now she's laying comfortably on the couch.

--------------- UPDATED ---------------

The Princess feels a LOT better than she did this morning. She ended up having cereal for lunch. Yes. CEREAL! But having so little in her tummy? Helped her tummy settle down. Because she kept on sipping from the water bottle all day. Tonight she was able to down about 6 tiny bits of chicken along with her rice.

After laying about all day? She had enough energy to play a couple sets of Wii tennis. She is DEFINITELY on tap for school. She'd better NOT say she feels horrible tomorrow morning!

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