Friday, January 16, 2009

You can change something

I'm a bit sad at the moment. I heard a disturbing story. A story about two gentleman who were just doing their jobs.

Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos. Ever heard of them?

These are two former border patrol agents are in jail. Compean, 28, is serving a 12 year sentence. Ramos, 37, is serving an 11 year sentence. Why? Because they shot a DRUG smuggler and were caught when they tried to cover up the incident. They shot the drug smuggler, Osvaldo Davila, in the ASS as he was attempting to flee back into Mexico. Why was he running back into Mexico? To get as far away from the 750 pounds of marijuana that were in a van he was next to on the US side of the border.

Ramos & Compean were convicted in 2006. They've been in prison since January 2007. TWO years. They've been in prison for TWO years. For shooting a known felon. The felon? He actually admitted to actually smuggling drugs earlier that day. He admitted to smuggler several HUNDRED pounds of marijuana earlier that day. The scumbag is now in prison serving a 9 1/2 year sentence for charges that were set a few months after he was shot in the ass by the former border patrol agents.

Because they are former border patrol agents, these two men are not safe in prison. They are segregated from the general population and stay in their cells for 23 hours a day. Y'all? That is solitary confinement!

If you want to help spread the news about these two former border patrol agents, please feel free to link to my entry or to this website.

Now if you feel moved enough by this situation, please email the President ( and the Vice-President ( or call 202-456-1111.

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