Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beauty of the day

This afternoon when I drove to get the kids from school, I saw a rainbow. It wasn't raining where I was. The rainbow was so faint. Maybe because the sun was shining towards it.

I went into the school to get the kidlings. I spent about 15 minutes in the school chatting with some of the teachers. I also delivered some cookies.

I figured in my mind that the rainbow would be gone by the time we got back into the car. But as we pulled out of the parking lot? I saw the rainbow. And it was deeper in color. It looked amazing.

Me: Kiddos. Look! There's a rainbow!
Princess: Where? [I point to the east]
Bear: Right there Sissy.
Princess: Oh...it's so pretty!

We all ooh'd and aah'd at it as I continued the drive home. The kidlings and I like rainbows. We just relish in the sight of them. We especially like the ones that show up when it's not rainy -- like the one today. It was only slightly cloudy too.

What kind of natural phenomenon do you and your kids enjoy?

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