Saturday, February 14, 2009

Getting the sweet stuff

This morning I helped out my neighbor.

My neighbor is the Princess' Girl Scout Troop Cookie Coordinator.

And how did I help out?

I went to go pick up the cookies!

Our local coordinator did a great job getting everything organized from my "virgin" eyes. They had a couple BIG moving trucks. Then they had three designated sections for pick-ups. All the different troops had a specific time that they were supposed to pick up their orders. Each troop seemed to have 2 or 3 vehicles picking up for their girls. And they'd drive to their designated section as directed from the person at the front of the parking lot. Then they had a group of people to get the boxes in order and to put them into our vehicles.

Do you SEE all the stacks of cookies in the background?

Here's a sample stack of cookies on pallets.

Here are the cookies that they loaded into my vehicle. The boxes weren't stacked square so they toppled over when I stopped at the first intersection. And do you see that my car has boxes and boxes of Thin Mints! Ah-yay-yay!

The Princess and I are finished separating our boxes into specific orders. We've done "thank you" notes and put everything into recyclable plastic bags. Oh yeah. So tomorrow we're ready to deliver the cookies. Yeah! Fun!

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