Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting Ready for a Seasonal Change

I received a lovely package in the mail today. Guess what was in it?


Yes. I already purchased swimsuits for the kids. The Weather Channel may only have us with a low of 31 degrees and a high of 67 degrees for tomorrow, but I already have cute swimsuits for the kiddos. What's even better about the entire purchase is that I got the swimsuits on sale. The Princess got two tankini tops and two bottoms for about $35. The Bear got two swimshorts for $30. The kids HAD to get new suits now. Why? Because they're starting back into lessons in a few weeks. Remember?

Oh...I just LOVE a good sale. Especially when I don't have to go to the mall.

Funnier still? I've got more packages coming in from other stores. The Bear will be getting his shorts from Kohl's once again. I've always bought the Bear's shorts from Kohl's. He likes the basic athletic styles and the roomy cargo shorts. What was great was that over the weekend, Kohl's had a 1/2 price sale. So the shorts that are $12 today? Were $6 over the weekend. Can you believe it?

The Princess will be getting her shorts from the Gap this year. Why didn't I get her shorts from Kohl's as well? Because I have to get her bottoms in slim. She cannot wear regular size bottoms. I know that there are a lot of regular sizes that have the adjustable garter waist thingies. But I tried that once and it was a mess. There was way too much gathered material that it never ever fit properly. So I search for slims. Normally, I get her shorts from Lands' End, but they didn't have much of a selection when I looked this weekend. So I went to surf over at the Gap. And they had a bunch of styles in slim. Yeah! And better yet? I had a couple gift cards that I was able to use and only end up paying less than $25. I even was able to get a couple pair of shorts for myself. Even BETTER!

Now those of you who like to shop? You probably noticed that I've not mentioned anything about getting the kids' tops. They've still got short-sleeve shirts that still fit. So we're fine with the tops for now. I'm sure that I'll load up on more in the near future. Old Navy generally has a good variety of inexpensive shirts that are just the answer for our hot, hot summers. If the shirts get paint or are ruined in any way, I can easily buy replacements.

Now when do YOU start buying your kids spring/summer clothes? Where do you like to buy their clothes from?

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